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A little bit more about us at Mount-N-Ride Adventures 
  • What to expect 

  • Prepare for your day 

  • Photographs 

  • Your Safety 


What to expect:

When you arrive at our beautiful farm you will receive a warm welcome from our friendly staff and farm animals (especially the dogs) and will made to feel right at home. Staff will explain the compulsory Acknowledgment of Risk form to you and discuss the plan for your tour, before helping you to fit your hat and get you ready to go.

Before we leave, all customers will watch a short safety briefing on the TV together. This briefing will contain all the things you’ll need to know to keep safe and have fun whilst out on tour, with everything from how to sit in your saddle to what to do when your horse needs the toilet!

Your tour guide will choose the most suitable horse for your size and ability and once the horses are prepared you will be assisted on to your new friend for the day. We will then set off into the beautiful surroundings and enjoy 1.5 hours of mountains, rainforest, paddocks and rivers (be prepared to get a little wet!).

On returning to the farm, you will be safely helped off your horse. You will then take a seat in our restaurant area and help yourself to variety of snacks and drink whilst being able to view the fantastic pictures taken by our professional photographer on your ride.

Prepare for your day:

In order to make sure that your ride is as safe and enjoyable as possible there are a few things to bear in mind before

making a booking:

  • Riding is not suitable for children under the age of 4

  • Riding is not suitable for women who are pregnant

  • Riding is not suitable for customers who are over 95KG


Before you leave for your Mount N Ride Adventures tour, please remember to check that you have the following items with you:

  • Long pants to protect your legs whilst on tour.

  • A t-shirt that covers your shoulders and your upper arms.

  • Covered shoes to protect your feet.

  • A change of clothes is advised as riders will get wet.

  • Money for professional photographs, souvenirs or drinks.

 (Long pants, t-shirts and boot hire are available at the farm)

We do also strongly recommend that you bring sunscreen and insect repellent with you, to ensure that your Cairns horse riding experience is the highlight of your Queensland adventure.



Any electronic devices such as phones, cameras and go pros are strictly forbidden from the tours. This is part of the safety procedures. The riders need to be focused on the ride at all times and electronic devices can easily be dropped/ damaged. Professional photos will be taken on the tour so that guests can remember their adventure at Mountnride. Any electronic devices should be left at the farm where they will be safely stored until the ride is over.


Your Safety:

Here at Mount N Ride Adventures, your safety is paramount and as per government regulations, all customers will be required to sign an ‘Acknowledgement of Risk’ form. All customers will be then be issued with an Australian safety standard approved helmet and will participate in a compulsory safety demonstration. The safety demonstration will be performed in English, Japanese and Mandarin. All tours will be led by one of our experienced tour guides and a number of walkers will be on hand should you have any questions. Translators will be on hand for the tours when available.

Whilst all due care will be taken by the operators, no responsibility will be held and adequate insurance covering accidents, sickness, injuries, loss or theft is highly recommended. 

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